Note to readers: These books are works in progress and may be updated daily. Since they change from day to day, downloading and posting them elsewhere does not do them a favor. Instead, if you wish to share them with others, it makes more sense to post a link to this web page. The latest versions will always wait here. 

∙ ≈ ∞, or Ce qui est petit est beau (2012)

Ce qui est petit est beau.pdf Ce qui est petit est beau.pdf
Size : 2299.7 Kb
Type : pdf

A Star (2010)

A Star.pdf A Star.pdf
Size : 7556.354 Kb
Type : pdf

SF Pop Art Diary: Of Love and Wonder in the Air (2009)

SF PoP Art Diary.pdf SF PoP Art Diary.pdf
Size : 4153.264 Kb
Type : pdf

SF Pensées: A Peer into a Cosmos of Starry Thoughts (2008)

SF Pensees.pdf SF Pensees.pdf
Size : 8860.65 Kb
Type : pdf

Sketches of Stars and Pearls of Wisdom: An Essay on the Human Heart and Divine Ethics (2007)

Sketches of Stars.pdf Sketches of Stars.pdf
Size : 3377.057 Kb
Type : pdf

Philosophy of the Way: Systemic Perspectives on Cognition, Creativity, and Ethics of the Modern Era (2007)

Philosophy of the Way.pdf Philosophy of the Way.pdf
Size : 1653.482 Kb
Type : pdf

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